Hatch Awards 2011

Love going to Hatch.  It is always a great chance to catch up with people in the advertising industry and celebrate new work.  It is funny.  If you are in the Advertising world, no matter what the market it is doing, people love to stay in it.  Maybe that is why Mad Men is so popular.  There are just some of us that will always want to know what is coming next.

The great thing about an event like Hatch is there is always a nice synergy immediately when you walk into the room. Yes, it is a competitive juried show, but once the awards are presented, it is a chance to connect with others and talk about the love of advertising.  Maybe the wine helps, but even so, it is a chance to be immersed in conversation.

Connecting with like-minded people is a great way to be inspired.  Whether it is a room full of dentists, rocket scientist or ad people, being able to get together like this is a chance to spark new creative ideas, reinforce strategies and forge collaborative relationships.  It is what can make the difference between staying in your comfort zone or taking your business or career to the next level.

And what an easy way to become inspired, by spending time with people that value and care about the same things you do.  Collaboration is a great muse and I see it every time I attend the Hatch Awards.  Now if Mad Men could just start season 5…

About Elaine Totten Davis

I am a life and career coach partnering primarily with creative professionals and individuals in transition who want to create their a vision for what they want their lives to be whether in the professional lives or their personal lives.
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